This Is Why You Should NEVER Interrupt Tortoise Sex

You don’t want to mess with mating tortoises. National Geographic explorer Paul Rose learned this the hard way on an island in the Seychelles.

After hearing a strange noise from the bushes, Rose decides to investigate.

What he finds is a pair of large tortoises in the process of mating.

Shell-shocked: Here’s the male tortoise after getting caught in the act. He seems slightly embarrassed.


His embarrassment soon turns into wrath and a full-speed chase ensues.

Paul Rose And Tortoise

Tortoise in rage: this is a sight no one ever wants to see.

Angry Tortoise

“This is what you call dogged determination,” Rose remarks as his pursuer refuses to give up the chase.

Paul Rose And Tortoise 2

Now watch the video of the angry tortoise chasing off the intruder: