Check Out The Epic Photoshoot Where Models Had To Dive 25 Meters And Hold Their Breath Under Water

Benjamin Von Wong, a Montreal-based photographer has completed a difficult and dramatic underwater photoshoot with spectacular results.

He and a hand-picked crew of experienced divers, underwater photographers and freedivers set up an entire photoshoot 25m under the sea in a sunken shipwreck off the coast of Bali. Instead of studio lighting, they relied on camera strobes and natural lighting.

The models, who had to be experienced freedivers (divers known for diving without oxygen tanks), posed on-site in and around the shipwreck with beautiful dresses provided by international Bali-based designer Ali Charisma. Their flowing dresses transform them into the wonderfully beautifully mermaids or nymphs of mythology, who threatened to drag sailors bewitched by their beauty to the cold, dark depths.

See the photos in the gallery below.

Model Underwater Photoshoot (10)

The photos taken are very, very real.

Model Underwater Photoshoot (3)

No Photoshop was used, except in post production.

Model Underwater Photoshoot (1)

The models had to hold their breath while being photographed.

Model Underwater Photoshoot (2)

As experienced freedivers, the models can hold their breath for 3-4 minutes at a time.

Model Underwater Photoshoot (5)

For some of the shots, they were actually tied down to the shipwreck, receiving air periodically from expert safety divers.

Model Underwater Photoshoot (4)

The images are enchanting in their own right, even if you don’t take into account the incredible technical details of the photoshoot. Share these stunning images with others.