This Incredible Video Proves That Cats, Not Dogs, Are Man’s Best Friend. I’ve Never Seen One Do This

When YouTube user Roger Triantafilo set up his home surveillance cameras, he had no idea he would capture something like this! Watch as his cat Tara saves his 4-year-old son Jeremy from a vicious dog attack and chases the dog off before it can do more damage.

(Warning: This video shows the bite wound at :47 seconds, so look away if you’re squeamish.)

The boy, who has mild autism, needed stitches to the deep wounds on his legs but is otherwise fine. Thank goodness for the cat’s love for the boy!

‘Tara is my hero,’ Jeremy said, adding that she saved him from ‘a mean dog’.

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend. But this time round a cat comes running to save the day. Share this video of this incredible cat who has the heart of a lion with all your friends.