These Awesome Chocolate LEGO Bricks Will Make All Your Childhood Dreams Come True

Love your LEGO bricks? Now you can eat them too.

Chocolate LEGO (10)

Japanese illustrator and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi has found a way to combine two of our favorite childhood things. Molten chocolate can be poured into a special mould that he created and voila! – edible chocolate LEGO bricks.

Chocolate LEGO (11)

Not only are these chocolate LEGO bricks delicious, they are highly detailed and fully functional just like regular LEGO bricks!

Chocolate LEGO (5)

Here he has made LEGO bricks in dark, milk, white and even pink chocolate flavors.

Chocolate LEGO (9)

We can only imagine that the pink is a fusion of white chocolate and either raspberry or strawberry.

Chocolate LEGO (8)

To demonstrate that the chocolate LEGO bricks are functional, the designer has taken to building robots and bears out of them.

Chocolate LEGO (7)

Chocolate LEGO (6)

Chocolate LEGO (4)

Chocolate LEGO (3)

Chocolate LEGO (2)

Chocolate LEGO (1)

How he even managed to build these toys before the chocolate melted is beyond me. Sadly, these are just a design project for now and aren’t available on the market. But one can dream! Share these awesome chocolate LEGO bricks with others below.