You’ll Never Guess What Steven Spielberg Did When George Lucas’ Star Wars Beat Jaws. It’s So Awesome


It’s no secret that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas are good pals. One of the best demonstrations of their friendship is this long-standing tradition between the two movie makers. When Lucas’ Star Wars eclipsed Spielberg’s Jaws as the all-time box-office leader back in 1977, Spielberg took out a full-page ad in Variety magazine congratulating his old pal.

The ad has the R2-D2 robot character from the Star Wars universe reeling in the giant shark that terrorized beachgoers in Jaws. Spielberg also writes a brief inscription saying that Lucas’ “hyperspace performance package really did the trick” and signs it “your pal, Steven.”

Check out the vintage full-page ad:

Steven Spielberg's Ad Congratulating George Lucas For Star Wars

Once Spielberg’s “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial” reclaimed the box-office throne in 1982, Lucas returned the favor by taking out his own full-page ad in Variety.

George Lucas' Ad Congratulating Steven Spielberg For E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Lucas kept the tradition alive, taking out this full-page ad when, in 1998, James Cameron’s “Titanic” sank the reissue of “Star Wars” to become the top box-office movie of all time.

“It was an extremely gracious gesture,” Cameron said. “I sent him a thank-you note after.”

George Lucas' Ad Congratulating James Cameron For Titanic

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