Take A Closer Look At This Man Driving A Volkswagen Beetle. It’s Beyond Incredible.

An avid Volkswagen Beetle fan has made a car out of wood. 71-year-old Momir Bojic created the car from over 50,000 separate pieces of oak.

The Bosnian man worked on his labour of love for more than two years.

Wooden Volkswagen Beetle (4)

He covered the bodywork of a regular Beetle completely in thousands of hand-carved oak tiles, each one of which required no fewer than 23 separate procedures.

Wooden Volkswagen Beetle (6)

The car is perfectly roadworthy, and Mr Bojic says it draws crowds wherever it goes. Judging by these photos, we certainly can see why.

Wooden Volkswagen Beetle (10)

It’s pretty incredible to look at.

Wooden Volkswagen Beetle (7)

Mr Bojic made all of the wooden fittings – steering wheel, gearstick, hubcaps, radio – in his garden workshop.

Wooden Volkswagen Beetle (8)

Every external detail of the fully-functioning automobile is made out of wood, including the tire spokes.

Wooden Volkswagen Beetle (3)

Over 50,000 shingles were hand carved to create the car.

Wooden Volkswagen Beetle (5)

We have never seen a car quite like this… not even close.

Wooden Volkswagen Beetle (2)

Wooden Volkswagen Beetle (9)

He cleans the fruit of his labor in front of his home in Celinac, near Banja Luka, Bosnia.

Wooden Volkswagen Beetle (1)

Human spirit is an amazing thing. When you set your mind to it, you can accomplish incredible feats just like this. Share this man’s passion and beautiful work of art with others.