24 Photos Of The Blonde-Haired, Blue-Eyed Brazilian Man Who Had Cosmetic Surgery To Look Asian

Every year, scores of people in Asia – mostly women – go under the knife to westernize their look. Procedures range from double eyelid and eye enlargement surgery to nose and chin augmentation.

But in a complete reversal, a 25-year-old Brazilian student has undergone plastic surgery to make himself to look Asian.

After visiting South Korea on a university exchange, Max fell in love with Asian culture. What he saw there so enthralled him that he wanted to look more Asian. He had surgery to get single eyelids, typical of those of Asian ethnicity, and make his eyes appear smaller. Hair dyes, colored lenses and some makeup completed his transformation.

Here’s what Max looked like previously with blonde hair and blue eyes:

Xiahn Nishi Before Surgery (2)

Xiahn Nishi Before Surgery (3)


Now known as Xiahn Nishi, the Brazilian has made an unbelievable transformation.

Xiahn Nishi (43)

See more of his present look in the photo gallery below.

  1. Xiahn Nishi (45)
  2. Xiahn Nishi (1)
  3. Xiahn Nishi (14)
  4. Xiahn Nishi (17)
  5. Xiahn Nishi (19)
  6. Xiahn Nishi (28)
  7. Xiahn Nishi (29)
  8. Xiahn Nishi (30)
  9. Xiahn Nishi (31)
  10. Xiahn Nishi (32)
  11. Xiahn Nishi (33)
  12. Xiahn Nishi (34)
  13. Xiahn Nishi (35)
  14. Xiahn Nishi (36)
  15. Xiahn Nishi (37)
  16. Xiahn Nishi (38)
  17. Xiahn Nishi (39)
  18. Xiahn Nishi (40)
  19. Xiahn Nishi (41)
  20. Xiahn Nishi (42)
  21. Xiahn Nishi (44)
  22. Xiahn Nishi (46)
  23. Xiahn Nishi (47)

    Xiahn Nishi Before And After

What do you think of the transformation? Did you prefer his original look or his new Korean appearance? Share this remarkable plastic surgery before and after with others below!


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